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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vote for candidates who want energy independence

Hugo Chavez despises America. We give him big bucks. This must be fixed.

This article is just another reason that energy independence should be top priority for America.

Chavez is on a world-wide tour trying to create a coalition of the anti-American. This includes countries that America gives billions of dollars to.

He despises us. We give him our money. We hate him. This sounds like some sort of addict's relationship with his drug dealer. It's pathetic.

At each stop, the self-styled "Bolivarian revolutionary" delivered superheated denunciations of the United States and called for a global coalition to combat "the U.S. imperialist monster."

In Minsk, where he met Belarusan President Alexander Lukashenko, commonly known as "Europe's last dictator," Chávez said the United States is "a senseless, blind, stupid giant that understands nothing about human rights, humaneness, culture, consciousness and awareness."
Chávez's War of Words

This is so very wrong. It's a formula for endless conflict.

We all know that.

Congress is doing nothing about it. Goodness knows the Bush administration, soaked in oil, has no intention of doing anything about it. This is not just a "green" issue. It's a major national security issue. I think it is THE NUMBER ONE national security issue.

Vote them all out. Vote in people who understand this problem.

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