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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Twisted Military Values

Earlier this month we learned that Steven Green, the guy who allegedly raped and murdered in Iraq, was a known time-bomb. But, apparently, he was good enough for the military.

August 7, 2006 issue - Even before he went to Iraq, Steven Green scared people. Growing up in oil-rich Midland, Texas, a small community full of pumping jacks, pickup trucks and fast-food restaurants, Green was known as a petulant loner and a hard-drinking druggie. Mostly what people remember is his seething, seemingly random rage. In high school, Green would jump on other kids for offenses like wearing a green shirt, or using a white cigarette lighter--anything he'd arbitrarily claim to hate. An Itchy Finger

This week we learned about the 726 gay military members kicked out nationwide in 2005

Isn't there something very twisted in military values when they are lowering recruitment standards (letting guys like Steven Green in) while kicking-out hundreds of honorably serving soldiers?

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