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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thomas Kinkade. Painter of Dark©®?

Why are Christians such low-hanging fruit for cynical fraudsters?

The FBI is investigating allegations that self-styled "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade and some of his top executives fraudulently induced investors to open galleries and then ruined them financially, former dealers contacted by federal agents said.
The ex-owners allege in arbitration claims that, among other things, the artist known for his dreamily luminous landscapes and street scenes used his Christian faith to persuade them to invest in the independently owned stores, which sell only Kinkade's work.
Painter Said to Be Focus of FBI Probe

In 2006 John Dandois, Media Arts Group executive, recounted a story that on one occasion ("about six years ago") Kinkade became drunk at a " Siegfried and Roy" magic show in Las Vegas and began shouting "Codpiece! Codpiece!" at the performers. Eventually he was calmed by his mother. Dandois also said of Kinkade; "Thom would be fine, he would be drinking, and then all of a sudden, you couldn't tell where the boundary was, and then he became very incoherent, and he would start cussing and doing a lot of weird stuff."
Thomas Kinkade, Wikipedia

I am continually amazed at how gullable Christians are to exploitation by patronizing frauds.

Crimminals like Ken Lay and Tom DeLay carry bibles and talk like pious Christians but make very little attempt to hide their scams and heartless greed. Still, the faithfull swear by them.

C'mon fellow Christians! Get some street smarts!

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