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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nasrallah makes offer Israel should jump on

You may have missed this news item, from yesterday, in your local newspaper, if they ran it at all:

Beirut: The Hezbollah leader, for the first time since fighting began 24 days ago, offered on Thursday to stop rocket attacks on northern Israel in return for an end to air strikes throughout Lebanon.
"Anytime you decide to stop your campaign against our cities, villages, civilians and infrastructure, we will not fire rockets on any Israeli colonies or city," he said in a taped video statement broadcast on Hezbollah's Al Manar TV and carried simultaneously on all other Lebanese and Arab satellite channels.
Nassrallah vows to hit Tel Aviv

It must be pointed out that Nassrallah made this offer while, at the same
time, vowing to strike at Tel Aviv.

But it's an offer that Israel should jump on! Nassrallah, in this region, has a strong reputation of being a man who says what he means. Well, for the love of God and the mercy of the Lebanese, I think Israel should at least try a short cease fire and see if Nasrallah really means what he says.

They have a lot to gain... if they cease bombing but Hezbollah keeps bombing it's an image advantage to Israel... a very needed boost in a disastrous public opinion nightmare.

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