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Monday, August 14, 2006

"Islamofascist" is a bogus con term.

Small dogs are the same as cats.
Big lakes are the same as oceans.
Bad colds are the same as the flu.
Islamicists are the same as fascists.

I expect the dimwitted to confuse the above statements but what's the deal with George Bush using the bogus term "Islamic fascists"? That's Fox News nonsense.

Either Bush is very ignorant about the Nazis or about the Islamicists or -- most likely -- both. (Like his other ignorant comments, this will probably bite us in our collective butts.)

A really stupid person could compile a long list of how my couplets above are similar and therefore are the same. (Small dogs really do have a lot in common with cats.) But anyone with common sense knows the difference.

You don't need to be an expert to know that bin Laden, Nusrallah and their rag tag followers are not very similar to the Nazis.

Take this test: look at the two photos above. Are those two groups:
a) a lot alike
b) very different

(If you answer "a" go read some books.)

Perhaps, in his fantasy, bin Laden dreams of something like fascism but the Taliban running from cave to cave in their flip-flops are not Hitler's army.

It is very important American foreign policy understand that the Muslim countries of the 2000s are almost nothing like Hiler's Germany of the 1930s. If they confuse the two, it will mean endless strife for us.

Unfortunately, ef people like Bush don't have the common sense to see huge differences, then it is hopeless to debate with them. ("OK, OK," you concede in exasperation, "large lakes are the same as oceans. Whatever!" and then you walk away disgusted.)

While the ignorance of the term "Islamofascism" is appalling it is also frightening because these kinds of terms have a self-fulfilling quality to them.

Remember "Axis of Evil"? Clever term. Remember the arms race that term triggered?

Bush's bogus "Islamic fascist" term has already had some bad echoes in India where the Muslims are now being framed as the Nazi wing of Indian politics.

With "Islamic fascists'', however, the all-American president has sunk to a new low. And it is India, like nowhere else in the world, which will suffer the most for this new characterisation.
[W]ith 150 million Muslims, India has the second largest Muslim population in the world. India is also these days engaged in an unusually warm embrace with Bush & Co.
And yet that friendship is now looking increasingly brittle. Bush's commentary, especially his current "Islamic fascists'' quip, has so concerned the Indian establishment that it is worrying how it can safeguard its own secular credentials. Indians, Hindus and Muslims alike, are increasingly agitated about the nature of the Indo-US relationship. And that is turning out to be a real worry for New Delhi.
Bush's views worry India

The Indian group most likely to seize on the term "Islamofascsts" would be the Hindu hardliners who are persistently linked to fascism themselves. (Especially the RSS.)

If India erupts in a "clash of civilizations" which so many conservatives seem to be salivating for, then the US would surely be allied with the fascists! Now that's ironic.

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