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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hitlerizing those who disagree

You know the administration is scrambling when they evoke Hitler.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday the world faces "a new type of fascism" and warned against repeating the pre-World War II mistake of appeasement.
Rumsfeld alluded to critics of the Bush administration's war policies in terms associated with the failure to stop Nazism in the 1930s, "a time when a certain amount of cynicism and moral confusion set in among the Western democracies."
Without explicitly citing Bush critics at home or abroad, he said "it is apparent that many have still not learned history's lessons."

Rumsfeld Warns Against Appeasement

The liberals are not Hitler... we're just morally compromised Hitler appeasers!

I've kind of lost track of who the conservatives are Hitlerizing right now. It used to be Saddam. Then for a while it was bin Laden. Now it is either Ahmadinejad or Nassrallah.

Clearly, for conservatives, Islam are the Nazis. I suppose al Qaeda are the SS, unless it is Hezbollah... or maybe Hamas.

But we liberals are clearly Chamberlain... or maybe Joseph Kennedy or, worse, the French.

Or, more likely, the analogy stinks.


When this came up, I vaguely remember that, not long ago, it was the conservatives who were outraged when comparisons where made with Bush and Hitler

It had to do with an a contest for homemade ads, held by Of the 1,500 entries, two compared Bush to Hitler. The conservatives were outraged!

The Bush-Hitler Ads Removed by MoveOn

Republican groups and Jewish organizations expressed outrage over the ad, which has been removed from the Web site. The Republican National Committee (search) called on all nine Democratic candidates to condemn the ads.
RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie (search) called the ad, "the worst and most vile form of political hate speech."

Ad Comparing Bush to Hitler Gets Heat

This outrage didn't seem to stop the conservatives from evoking Hitler.

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