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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rice has a point but she's ultimately wrong.

Consider these three scenarios:

1) Police arrive at a domestic dispute where a husband and wife are fighting. The husband it beating the crap our of his wife. He says she started it. In the melee, the children are getting injured, too. The officers stand by and watch, explains, "If we stop this now. They'll just be fighting again in a few months."

2) Rival gangs are shooting it out in downtown L.A. Lots of innocent people are getting shot, too. They police stand by and watch. The police chief explains, "If we stop them, now, they'll just be shooting each other in a few months."

3) Hezbollah and Israel are in a bloody fight. Israel is killing more but Hezbollah is fighting hard. Israelis says Hezbollah started it. Lot's of innocents, especially children, are getting injured and killed. The world's cop stands by and watches. Rice explains, "If we stop this now. They'll just be fighting again in a few months."

Secretary of State Rice has a point, a cease-fire alone won't solve the long term issues.

But continued fighting is even worse since it will surely exacerbate the long-term problems. And then there are the suffering and dying innocents.

When violence breaks out -- whether it is in our schools, our homes, our neighborhoods or internationally -- the first urgent task is to stop the violence. With things that broken down, little else matters.

After the violence stops, THEN it might be possible to address the long-term issues.

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