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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The mobs make my point.

Pakistani leaders can't resist making cheap and easy points by blaming the Jews and the Americans but, often, innocent Pakistanis pay the price... sometimes with their lives.

A Pakistani soldier gestures to people trapped inside the burning Pizza Hut restaurant after an angry mob set it alight in Karachi. Fresh violence has flared in this southern Pakistani city as angry mobs went on the rampage during the funeral of a senior Shiite leader killed in a suicide blast a day earlier.(AFP/Asif Hassan)

Have you noticed how often a McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut gets burned in Pakistani riots? It seems irrational, right?

As I pointed out in my previous post, western reporting of this event omitted the claims that this murder of a Shiite cleric was an international conspiracy, probably by the Americans and the Jews.

(The prime suspect is the indigenous Sunni Lashkar-i-Jhangvi
Zee News who may have killed Daniel Pearl for being a jew. )

These rioters probably heard that claim about Americans and the Jews... and thus Pizza Hut was a target of their anger, being the most convenient "western" target.

And who is most hurt by this? Certainly the poor innocent Pakistanis trapped inside the building. (In a recent past incident, the angry mobs assured there would be fatalities by blocking aid workers at the scene.) Other Pakistani victims are the local owner of the francise and the Pakistani shope owners in the building. Americans and Jews are only remotely hurt by this.

I make an appeal, in the strongest terms, for Pakistani religious and political leaders to stop these kind of cruel mob appeals.

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