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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Linda S. Heard -- a case study on why there is no progress in Palestine

Linda S. Heard is a case-study in why there is so little progress in Israeli-Palestine issue.

In case you haven't heard of Heard, she's a Egypt-based columnist who gets regularly printed in places like Gulf News and al-Jazeera but also in alternative western media.

"Both sides endlessly talk past
each other while innocents suffer."

She's rarely wrong in what she says but she's consistently only half-right -- the half that her readers want to hear.

She carefully leaves out all issues and facts which are uncomfortable to Arab readers.

Before going on, please read her article on the current crisis in Lebanon.

Lebanon is thrown to the wolves By Linda S. Heard

What's missing in that article?

An honest look at Hezbollah.

I generally agree with what she says in that article. Heard does a good job at skewering Israel, the United States and the U.N. the G8-- all who deserve it. She even dares take a poke at the Arab League.

That is only one side of the issue... which is typical Linda Heard and typical of the debate in general.

It doesn't take an expert in Middle Eastern affairs to make a good guess at what Hezbollah wants.

Of course Hezbollah knew Israel would over-react. Why? Because Israel always overreacts!

So why would Hezbollah want to break the uneasy peace between Israel and Lebanon?

Because peace between Lebanon and Israel makes Hezbollah irrelevant. This current fighting is hell for the Lebanese but it's good for Hezbollah.

I can't say exactly why Linda Heard would leave out the central issue of Hezbollah from her article. Heard has exact counterparts in Israel and the west (like Ann Coulter) who also only tell one side of the story.

That's why she is a good case-study in why dialogue never seems to progress in this conflict.

Both sides talk past each other decade-after-decade while innocent Lebanese, Israelis and Palestinians suffer.

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