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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm proud of the Lebanese Christians

It isn't easy finding something encouraging out of the multi-lateral failure that is the Israel-Hezbollah conflict.

But I found one! It was in the print edition of our local paper, Gulf News, but not in the on-line version:

Muslims find sanctuary in Christian areas.
'It is a pity that only misfortune unites us'

Beruit (AFP) "We came here because it is a Christian area that the Israelis will not bomb," said Faten Freish, one of thousands of Shiites who sought refuge from Israel's military offensive on Lebanon at refugee centers in Christian neighborhoods.
"It is the first time we dare to come to this Christian neighborhood," said another veiled woman, Labibeh Khorshid... At first, we felt very unwelcome. People frowned at us or made comments on our veils. But now, we feel overwhelmed. They are giving us clothes, food, medicine and all," she said.

There is much more to the article and it isn't all perfectly rosy. The writer insinuates that the Christians are doing this partly out of their shared dislike for the Jews and not purely from Christian compassion. Even so, as a liberal Christian I can help but be proud of my Christian brothers and sisters in Lebanon who are rising to this challenge.

I scanned the complete text and you can download it here. Muslims find sanctuary in Christian areas (Acrobat 93K)

A differently edited version of the article can be found here:
War Unites Lebanon's Muslims, Christians

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