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Thursday, July 27, 2006

An expert confirms my common sense about Hezbollah

Linda Heard responded to my post Linda S. Heard -- a case study on why there is no progress in Palestine with a thoughtful and lengthy reply. Of course, she disagreed on my theory about the motivation of Hezbollah:

It doesn't take an expert in Middle Eastern affairs to make a good guess at what Hezbollah wants.

Of course Hezbollah knew Israel would over-react. Why? Because Israel always overreacts!

So why would Hezbollah want to break the uneasy peace between Israel and Lebanon?

Because peace between Lebanon and Israel makes Hezbollah irrelevant. This current fighting is hell for the Lebanese but it's good for Hezbollah.

I'll say it again... I am not an expert on Hezbollah and Israel bit what I say is just plain obvious. Still, it makes me insecure to disagree with a person like Heard since she knows a whole lot more about the Arab world than I do. But in this case, I think inexpert commons sense trumps and expert with heavy bias.

So it is nice to be confirmed by someone who presumably knows what he is talking about. He says it more eloquently than I but says essentially the same thing:

If there is one constant in this unstable region, it is that Israel can usually be trusted to respond to threats to its sovereignty with exaggerated force.

The sustained bombing of Lebanon has wiped away the collective memory of the Lebanese people about who started this mess in the first place and once again focused the rage of the region on an aggressive Israel.

Nasrallah could not have scripted events any better.

All politics even Islamist politics is local; one need look no further than the internal dynamics of Lebanon to understand why Hezbollah would so recklessly cross the border and attack Israeli troops. Lebanon's liberation from both Israeli occupation and Syrian meddling has made obsolete Hezbollah's raison d'etre as an armed militia responsible for protecting the country's borders.

I recommend reading the whole article:
Hezbollah is not a puppet by Reza Aslan

I'm not familiar with Mr. Aslan but a quick look at his web site bio makes me think he's worth following. He is author of No god but God that definitely seems worth a look.

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