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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blame Americans and the Jews - a sure way to score points in Pakistan

I am quick to criticize my own country, the Americans. But this kind of thing drives me crazy:

Shiite leader dies in suicide attack

By Mujahid Ali, Correspondent

Karachi: A prominent Shiite leader and two others were killed in a suicide bombing attack in Karachi yesterday, triggering violent protest in several neighbourhoods, police and witnesses said.

Allama Hassan Turabi, the chief of the main Shiite political party, Islami Tehrik, was returning home after attending an anti-Israel rally when the suicide bombing occurred in Abbas Town just out side his house, they said.

Those of us who know Pakistan know that the sectarian violence there is a domestic and religious problem. Many Pakistanis are loath to admit it, but this is rooted in their own culture and faith. The solution can only come from them.

Yet, look at this quote which was omitted from most western reporting on this suicide/murder:

Several hundred angry Shiites thronged the hospital where Turabi's body was kept. "It is an international conspiracy against us because we are opposing the imperialism of United States and condemning Israeli brutalities," said Hasan Zafar Naqvi, a leader of Turabi's party. "Our sacrifices will not go to waste."

Within minutes of the news of Turabi's death, small bands of Shiite youngsters started pelting stones on traffic and forcing shopkeepers to shut their businesses in Abbas Town, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Ancholi and the adjoining areas.

An "international conspiracy"? That's absurd.

This is a Pakistani, sectarian problem that has been going on for decades and will continue until Pakistan's religious and political leaders take ownership of the problem and put a stop to it.

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