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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stop saying we hate George Bush!

I heard it again for the thousandth time on Fox News: "Liberals just hate George Bush."

I know I'm speaking for a whole lot of liberals: We don't hate George Bush!

I think Bush has been a horrible president. I think he's bungled nearly every issue that matters to me, personally. I think he's proven himself to be disingenuous and divisive. I think he doesn't share our core American values.

But hate him? I don't hate him! Not personally, whatsoever. Not even politically. I don't want to destroy him and his neo-cons... I just want to defeat them, fair-and-square in the traditional American way: national debate, rigorous-but-civil campaigning and honest elections.

I think one reason we hear this "hate" accusation from conservatives is because they genuinely hated Clinton.

They didn't so much hate his policies or his competency because they, too, enjoyed the peace, prosperity and balanced budgets during his leadership.

The conservatives allowed themselves to get emotionally duped by the dirty politics of Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour and Rush Limbaugh and were whipped-up into a deep visceral hated for both Bill and Hillary.

So, they assume that we liberals, likewise, hate Bush now that the tables are turned. But we don't!

It's not the same for me and nearly every liberal I know: we don't hate George and Laura Bush the way conservatives hated Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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