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Monday, June 12, 2006

Muslim opinion matters

Most Americans don't care what Muslims think. At least that's my impression.

This is tragic... because Muslim opinion about America could make-or-break the war on the terror.

"Does it matter that millions of Muslims believe
America is an immoral, murderous regime
hellbent on killing Muslims?"

I expect that most Muslims will believe the Guantanamo Three were murdered and the supposed-suicide is a cover-up.

Right now I'm only hearing this from the radicals but I predict this will become the "conventional wisdom."

We can't accept that they have committed suicide," a purported spokesperson for the Islamist Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Mohammad Hanif, said.

"No Muslim, no mujahid (holy warrior), can commit suicide. It's banned under Islamic Sharia law," said Hanif, who is often in contact with the media from a secret location. Taliban accuses US jailors of 'suicides'

Mohammad Hanif's logic will probably be the most persuasive: that mujahideen this tough, committed and devout would never take their lives and risk paradise.

And, of course, another reason they'll believe it was murder is because, long after American forgets about these three, over here they'll still be talking about the "supposed suicides."

(A note to you Americans who will judge Muslims as ignorant rumor-mongers... this is exactly how many of you kept using the term "Vincent Foster's supposed-suicide" until millions of dittoheads believed that Bill & Hillary had murdered him.)

So, does it matter that millions of Muslims believe America is an immoral, murderous regime with a hatred for Muslims?

You bet your life it does.

That's why it is in America's best interest to request that the Red Cross/Crescent do a thorough independent investigation. And, of course, close Gitmo.

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