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Monday, June 19, 2006

Marriage gangs rip-off Arab youths

(With all the torture and abuse stories, I think I should lighten up a little.)

I found this story about rip-off Muslim marriages an interesting insight into a major cultural difference between Islam and the west.

'Marriage gangs' prey on youths

Riyadh: With the beginning of the summer holidays, a large number of Arabs, especially from the Gulf states, are travelling to tourist destinations in various parts of the world, especially in the Far East, looking to enjoy themselves and relax.

Most of them want to enjoy their holidays in picturesque places, visiting historical monuments and taking in the culture.

Some of them, however, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to try out temporary marriages...

Organised gangs have also grown up who prey on Arab tourists and try to lure them with promises of low-cost marriages and then cheating them....

They were lured by the false promises of the gang members of "marriages to beautiful young women under 18 at cheap rates."

In most cases, their brides abandoned them and ran away within few days of the marriage.

As a tourist, I have been ripped-off in all kinds of creative ways but I just can't imagine ever getting tricked by a marriage mafia!

It is pretty common here for Muslims to point out their relatively low divorce rate to prove that arranged marriages are better than the decadent western "love marriages." I wonder, though, of they include "temporary marriages" in that statistic. Likely not.

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