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Thursday, June 01, 2006

LP American Hero Watch: John Murtha

How does John Murtha get it so exactly right, so often?

The talking heads at Fox are going to excuse and obscure for hours about what happened at Haditha but Murtha hits it right on the head in two short sentences:
This is what worries me. We're fighting a war about America's ideals and democracy's ideas and something like this happens, they try to cover it up," Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha told CNN television.
US lawmaker again charges cover up in Haditha, Iraq
Maybe the real question is: How come more liberal leaders aren't like Murtha? In tough times, you can never guess who's going to step up and be a real patriot.

Jack Murtha is a true American hero and, of course, he's going to be viciously swiftboated by the likes of Sean Hannity.

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