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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy 666!

On an international flight, a Chinese man came rolling down the aisle with his carry-on covered in 666s. Scores of them: silk screened on the fabric; woven into the straps; embossed on patches; etc.

I told my wife, "I gotta get one of those! Think of the horrified looks we'd get rolling into the homes of our [conservative] church friends." She didn't see the humor in this.

Since then, I've read that 666 is a lucky number in China. Those superstitious Chinese! (Unlike we Christians who think 666 is evil and unlucky.)

I was raised with the 666 superstition and still sometimes feel it when I encounter the number - especially randomly in slightly dangerous situations, like on the odometer in my car or on an airplane ticket. I rationalize it away but it always creeps back and catches me off-guard.

"Superstitions, like 666,
are not compatible with
faith in a loving, powerful God. "

I have worked hard to purge 666 and all superstition from my belief system because it's antithetical to faith in an omnipotent, loving God. If God is on your side, 666 can't touch you.

Yes, I know, 666 is in Revelation but that doesn't make it unlucky any more than Satan appearing as snake in Genesis makes all snakes evil.

So happy 6/6/06 everybody!

Something very bad might happen to you today.

Or maybe something really terrific. In any case, 666 has nothing to do with it.

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