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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Congress no longer worried about port security

Living over here in Dubai, I witnessed how damaging the rhetoric was during the "Dubai ports scandal." The mean-spiritied debate was a big setback in American-Arab relations which is, ultimately, a set back in anti-terrorism.

"One more reason to give this
do-nothing Congress the boot in November"

But I took some consolation in the fact that Congress was finally paying attention to a glaring hole in our security ... that fact that only a small percentage of containers are inspected.

Finally! Something will be done about port security!

I took consolation too soon. Congress no longer worries about port security.

Congress drops financing for increased port security

Nearly $650 million to increase scrutiny of containers shipping into Seattle and every other U.S. port was stripped out of a national security funding package moving through Congress this week in a move critics say makes the country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks...

"We are not going to have the money we need for screening machines, customs inspectors, Coast Guard inspectors, radiation monitors, gates, fences and more," [Patty] Murray, [D-Wash] said. "The administration keeps talking a good game, but words do not provide security."

Put this down as one more reason to vote out this no-good, do-nothing congress in November.

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