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Friday, June 02, 2006

Are we entering the berserker phase?

As I understand it, the berserker phase is often triggered when the enemy is essentially defeated but doesn't know it yet.

Berserker behavior usually happens more towards the middle or end of a conflict... when the more powerful of the two combatants feels like they are losing when they should be winning.

Most recently we saw it in Vietnam. We out-killed them, out-gunned them, out-bombed them but North Vietnamese still wouldn't give up!

Many felt, we just weren't dropping enough bombs! To this day, some people will claim that we lost the Vietnam war because we just didn't kill enough of the enemy. Instead of killing a few million North Vietnamese, America should have killed much more than that. We Americans were just not ruthless enough, the reasoning goes.

Mai Lai was an up-close version of berserker and went to trial but Nixon's Christmas bombings was even more berserker.

Unless we recognize that we are drifting towards this phase of the war, we certainly can expect more Hadithas.

Which, if not dealt with transparently and stopped, could lead to our defeat.

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