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Monday, May 29, 2006

Unrepentant Bush still at it.

I'm waiting for an apology from Bush for his demagoging of 911.

I still feel the sting of being called anti-troop because I didn't want them to die needlessly.

He was shameless! If anyone dared question his decisions, no matter how disastrous, they were labeled soft on terrorism or anti-troops.

His shamelessness continues -- this Memorial day, Bush was again playing politics with the dead.

The president vowed to honor those who had died in Iraq and Afghanistan "by completing the mission for which they gave their lives: by defeating the terrorists, by advancing the cause of liberty and by laying the foundation of peace for a generation of young Americans."
Bush Invokes the Fallen, Past and Present

OK, we get it. Those of us who demand a firm exit plan are not honoring the war dead.

I hope more Americans see through this folly... for the sake of honor Bush can't admit defeat but until he admits reality, America will have more and more dead to honor.

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