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Friday, May 26, 2006

Top Ten Bush Mistakes, honestly confessed

Everyone knows that Abu Gharib was a mistake as Bush finally admitted

It's also a convenient mistake to admit, Supposedly it was done by a few bad apples rather than a predictable result of morally bankrupt Bush policies.

Here's what a honest George Bush would have confessed:

"I got so freaked out by 911 that I abandoned our traditional American values."

Torture, disappearing people; presumption of guilt; warrantless wiretapping are un-American but he did them anyway because he thought the old rules no longer applied in a post-911 world. This was a colossal screw-up.

Here's my top-ten war-related mistakes a truthful Bush would own up to:

1) "I didn't read the Presidential Daily Briefing about bin Laden's plans to attack America. I wasn't alert because I brushed off Clinton's warnings, I'm sorry. I was totally focussed on tax cuts for my donors."

2) "I should not have politicized 911 and the war on terror. I should have fired Karl Rove for being evil when he gleefully told me 911 was our ticket to sweep the 2002 and 2004 elections."

3) "My mother-of-all mistakes was to invade Iraq. I apologize to all Americans and Iraqis for this crushing, disastrous decision."

4) "It was a huge mistake to give short-shrift to Afghanistan. I was so hell-bent on getting in Iraq that I didn't finish the job. Consequently, al Qaeda is now a much more dangerous decentralized organization."

5) "I shouldn't have cherry-picked the pre-war intelligence. It was terrible of me to spin something so grave as war."

6) "I shouldn't have rushed off to war with contrived urgency. I should have made careful war plans with realistic troop and budget estimates. I should have followed the Pentagon's post-invasion plans.

7) "It was a scandalous mistake to privatize the war. It made the contractors very rich but also made Iraqis highly cynical about our intentions. And it massively ripped-off American taxpayers."

8) "Ideology and politics kept me from dealing with the changing realities in Iraq. I never wanted to admit something until it became embarrassing to deny it. Even then, I kept spinning the news."

9) "I should have welcomed independent investigations into 911, Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terror. My lack of transparency has made the public lose faith in me and the war."

10) "It was a huge mistake to alienate the Arab and Muslim world rather than proactively bringing them into the solution. Oh, and I apologize to Micheal Moore and the French."

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