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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love this story!

Dubai: Joyce Germanos waited for 21 years to thank her rescuer.

An explosion wiped out several members of her family in the Christian Lebanese Beirut neighbourhood of Sinn Al Fil on May 22, 1985. Three-month-old Joyce lived, thanks to Nabeel Bitar, the Red Cross officer who pulled her out of the rubble.

Several weeks ago, a grateful Joyce was reunited with her rescuer during a talk show on Lebanon's Future TV. During the live show Seere Wa Nfatahit with Zaven Qeomijian, that was aired as a special tribute to the Lebanese Red Cross Organisation, an emotional Joyce thanked Bitar for saving her life leaving the audience choked with emotion.

And on Saturday, when Joyce was the blushing bride at her wedding in the Lebanese capital, who else would be there ?

Destiny brought Bitar and the AFP photographer Patrick Baz, who took the picture of the rescue 21 years ago. They watched her walk down the aisle. It was a picture to remember.
A reunion to remember

I've known people victimized by terrorist attacks and it is a huge watershed event in their personal lives but only a minor story in the day's news cycle for the rest of the world. The news goes on while these people try to put their lives together again.

I also wonder about the bombers. The event that changed this woman's life is so obscure I couldn't even Google it. But my prayer is that whoever planted that bomb will look at these photos, feel remourse, and allow redemption into their lives.

So I just love this story... a baby pulled from the rubble of a bomb and then growing into a beautiful young woman who reunites with those who helped her and witnessed her tragedy.

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