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Monday, May 22, 2006

Catholic Sinners: Rice vs Kerry

Kerry on Abortion

The Catholic church is against abortion.

One of the more painful moments of the 2000 election was when some conservative Catholics wanted to excommunicate John Kerry for being pro-choice.

If you think like a conservative, this is understandable. The Church is anti-abortion and Kerry is not actively enforcing this value on the whole country.

If you think like a liberal, this is absurd.

To my knowledge, Kerry (or his wife, obviously) has never had an abortion nor does he actively promote abortion for others. His "abortion sins" are at best passive because he doesn't stop others from following their own conscience on the issue.

Rice on the Iraq War.

The Catholic church is against the war in Iraq.

John Paul II stated before the 2003 war that this war would be a defeat for humanity which could not be morally or legally justified.

In the weeks and months before the U.S. attacked Iraq, not only the Holy Father, but also one Cardinal and Archbishop after another at the Vatican spoke out against a "preemptive" or "preventive" strike. They declared that the just war theory could not justify such a war.

Pope John Paul II calls War a Defeat for Humanity

The new pope is has maintained this condemnation of the war.
New Pope Benedict XVI a Strong Critic of War

If you think like a liberal, Rice's war sins are pretty bad.

She didn't just passively let the war happen... she actively facilitated it. She did this in bold defiance of direct appeals from the pope himself. And she forced others into this sin.

So, why is Boston College giving an honorary degree to someone who snubbed their nose at the pope?

Does this make sense to either liberal thinkers or conservative thinkers?

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