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Sunday, May 28, 2006

America Hero Watch - John Batiste

It looks like Major General John Batist isn't going to shut up. Let's hope!

Unlike most of his colleagues, who are expected to settle back into comfortable and low-key retirement after making their point, General Batiste has no intention of keeping quiet.

Instead, the former career soldier, who resigned last year after commanding 22,000 troops of the US Army's 1st Infantry Division, is planning a sustained public offensive aimed at driving Rumsfeld from office.

"I'm as mad as hell," he said. "I'm not stopping. They can hand wave me off, dismiss me, but I'm coming back, again and again and again until there is some accountability."

Pentagon chief 'wasted US lives in Iraq'

I recommend reading the whole article which doesn't seem to have made a ripple in the US media despite Batiste's authority and unflinching charges against Rumsfeld.

So I'm adding him to my American Hero Watch.

And I'm waiting for some vicious swiftboating to begin.

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